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Has the stress of hard times caused your relationship to move to Dullsville?



In Great Sex for Hard Times“, Sex & Intimacy Coach Kim Switnicki provides you with fun, practical and applicable strategies, exercises, ideas and information designed to revive your love life, rev up your sagging libido and reduce your stress level. With little or no money you can have great sex and romance – Kim will show you exactly why there’s no need for expensive lingerie or to even hire a sitter! With her step-by-step guidance, and hundreds of great ideas, your creativity will be sparked and you’ll find that you already have all you need in your home for a great sex life.

Kim says, “I wrote this book because so many women struggle under the weight of trying to make their sex lives better and they don’t know how. This book is a complete resource for all couples with fun step-by-step instructions for getting your creative juices stirring again, learning new sex positions, experimenting with toys or taking your lovemaking to new levels with role play, cyber sex or even a little bondage play. This book covers it all without breaking the bank and uses what you already have at home. It will carry you through a lifetime of sexual satisfaction.”

Each chapter in Great Sex for Hard Times is filled with tips, techniques, suggestions, ideas, coaching and guidance to create the exciting, fulfilling sex life that will buoy you in hard times or add exciting elements of adventure in good times. Real life erotic stories from Kim’s clients will inspire you and jump-start your own creativity.

You’ll also find:

  • Lovemaking recipes to satisfy all your cravings
  • Multiple dollar store finds for sexy fun
  • Sexy, playful, non-threatening games for you and your partner
  • Illustrated examples of positions that increase your pleasure
  • Dozens of Kim’s Quickie Tips and Cash Saver Tips for Great Sex
  • Ideas for more adventurous options for your sex life, like the Threesome Tester, Talking Dirty, Phone and Cyber Sex, Bondage and more!
  • Information about phenomenal kissing, G-spot play, blissful oral sex and everything in between

As well, each chapter of Great Sex for Hard Times offers one or more “Sexy Challenges” that will encourage and empower you to bring more fun, more intimacy and more excitement into your bedroom.

Great sex is one of the keys to having a long and strong marriage or partnership. Don’t let hard times take an unnecessary toll on your relationship by damaging your sex life. Whether you’re shy or adventurous in the boudoir, you will find dozens of ideas for creating sultry, sexy nights (and days!) with your partner in Great Sex for Hard Times .

Having great sex makes all of life’s little annoyances seem much smaller.

“GREAT SEX FOR HARD TIMES is the ultimate guide to living a better life filled with great sex. Right now, times are tough financially, emotionally, mentally and I unfortunately don’t have the luxury to be able to plan extravagant outings with my partner every weekend. Kim has opened my eyes to a whole new world of sexy possibilities–this is a must-have book for every bedroom.” – HR, New York
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